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No Matter your Mountain,

We Will Take You to the Top.

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Where will you climb?

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Peake Base Camp



For emerging leaders ready to reach your next peak.

What this includes:

Get clear on your goals in Quarterly group Mapping Sessions 


Keep moving with Twice-monthly group coaching sessions keep you moving

Learn powerful self-leadership lessons with the Base Camp leadership library


Stay motivated inside our private community 

Peake Ridgeline





For leaders ready to lead a

team to higher peaks.

What this includes:

Get oriented with Peake’s leadership diagnostic self-assessment

Get clear on your goals in Quarterly group Mapping Sessions


Keep moving with Twice-monthly small group coaching sessions keep you moving

Grow as a team with twice-monthly leadership tools and course material sent directly to you


Stay motivated inside our private community

Peake Pinnacle


Custom for Your Team


For seasoned leaders ready to take their organization higher.

What this includes:

Get oriented with Bing, completing the Peake leadership diagnostic tool with specific interpretation and customization.


Work directly with Bing to map out your plan each quarter as a team


Keep moving in Bi-weekly coaching sessions with Bing for you and your team


Learn as a team with Bing’s custom direction within the Peake leadership library. You will have what you need, when you need it.


Exclusive text and email access to Bing to help with immediate issues between sessions.

What is the Peake Lodge?

Peake Lodge is your entry point into the Peake Community. We wanted to build a virtual lodge for our people to gather around the campfire, a cup of coffee or a brainstorming share great ideas and friendships...but without all the noise, advertising and interruptions of traditional social media groups.


In Peake lodge, you will meet people like yourself. People who have accomplished a lot, yet who are hungry for more. People who are not satisfied with just “getting by” but who intend to make a difference and leave a lasting mark in their part of the world.


Here you can share ideas, connect directly with other leaders like yourself, join in on “campfire discussions” with Bing and our other leaders, and just relax and enjoy a break from all the noise.

How Can Peake Help Me?


Goals are easier to achieve when we are not going at them alone. You won't be climbing alone at Peake.

Women Holding Hands


Bing's 35+ years of experience in business growth and leader development provide immense value.


With multiple frameworks and guides, Peake has a variety of options to help you face any challenge head on.

Business Meeting


We won't just tell you how to get there. We will show you the path to your peak as Bing guides you on your journey.

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