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Get the Business You Want, and the Life You Deserve.


Does your family see less of you than you'd like?

Do you feel like your old hobbies and interests have been lost?

Does it feel more like your business is running you?

If you could do something to fix it, WOULD YOU?

Peake's "Base Camp" is designed to help you get on the right path toward the life and business that YOU want.

And it all happens through a proven framework designed by Peake founder, Bing Oliver. This is NOT the typical "leadership" program.

INSTEAD, you will be surrounded by a community of dedicated leaders, like yourself, pushing each other to your respective peaks.

So What Exactly Does This Look Like?

  • An orientation session that charts the course to reaching your goal.

  • Bi-weekly coaching sessions with a group of fellow Base Campers.

  •  Membership in a private community designed for you and your group. 

  • Scheduled access to Bing for guidance on any problems you may face.

Chick-fil-A Operator & Host of the Award-Winning "A Server's Journey" 

Rocky DeStefano.jpg

"Bing helped me and my team understand what our roles had to look like to be successful with multiple locations. On top of that, I'm less stressed and more free than I was with just one location. Highly recommend!"

- Rocky DeStefano

Relational Supply Chain Leader


"Bing and the Peake Base Camp brought me clarity to what is most important for me now, and has provided tools and community to help me make and track progress toward specific milestones, rather than wearily chasing the horizon."

- David Cline

Doctor of Chiropractic


"I needed help defining my goals and vision. Peake Base Camp has provided the tools and community I needed to get this accomplished. Thanks Bing!"

- Michael Cory

Operating my own Award-Winning Chick-fil-A taught me A LOT of valuable lessons.

I experienced exactly what it feels like to be overwhelmed while running a multi-million dollar business. 


So, how did I take my own work week down to ~20 hours per week, while making my business even more successful?

I learned how to maximize the potential of the people on my team!

This sounds simple, and it is, if you CONSISTENTLY ​work to build your team THE RIGHT WAY.

Check out this video.

If you feel like your own life fits the script, you belong in Peake Base Camp!


For $97/month

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