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What is the Peake Lodge?

A curated community designed for individuals who live with intent, passion and purpose.


"Come in out of the Cold"

Peake Lodge is the entry into the Peake Community. We wanted to build a virtual lodge for our people to gather around the campfire, a cup of coffee or a brainstorming share great ideas and friendships...but without all the noise, advertising and interruptions of traditional social media groups.


In Peake lodge, you will meet people like you - people who have accomplished a lot, yet who are hungry for more. People who are not satisfied with just “getting by” but who intend to make a difference, and leave a lasting mark on their part of the world.


Here you can share ideas, connect directly with other leaders like you, join in on “virtual coffee” with Bing and other community members, and just relax and take a break from all the noise.

Join Leaders Like You Today!

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